A new entry in the Kirby series is heading to the 3DS – Kirby Planet Robobot.

N3DS_KirbyPlanetRobobot_character_02_png_jpgcopyIn his newest adventure, Kirby can use the tech of fallen enemies against them.  This mechanized version of Dream Land looks to add a twist to the proven Kirby formula.

Team Kirby Clash is a separate mode, where up to 4 players face off against bosses.  The co-op action will let you earn experience points and level up in RPG-type fashion.  And with download play, you’ll only need one copy of the game to play with friends!

There’s also amiibo compatibility.  And a new line of Kirby amiibo will launch alongside the game on June 10th, enabling Kirby to get unique costumes.

It sounds like there’s plenty to look forward to in this new Kirby adventure, including additional game modes.  I’m personally quite excited to learn more about this game!  Let us know how you feel about Kirby Planet Robobot with a brief comment.