Every now and then when you read about someone performing a selfless, heart warming act of kindness, it just sort of makes you feel like a jerk. Such is the case with 11-year-old Tyler Strasser, who’s been helping out those in need since he was a young toddler in diapers. Scratch that; since he was young toddler who walked home naked because he gave his diaper to someone in need.

Tyler recently held a toy drive in Ballantyne Village, North Carolina, to help disadvantaged kids have a happy holiday and he offered up a Nintendo Wii, possibly this holiday season’s hottest item, to bring in more donations. Everyone who donated would get a raffle ticket that got them a spot in a Wii Sports Bowling tournament. The winner of that tournament would then walk away with Nintendo’s coveted gaming system.

Tyler’s been helping people since he was three and he’s now expanded his reach to military families and those serving overseas. Some will inevitably argue that the kid is doing it for attention, fame, yadda yadda, but does it really matter? He’s changing the lives of a lot of people, so whatever he’s getting out of it shouldn’t matter, you Negative Nancies.