The preliminary sales data for Excite Truck and Wario: Master of Disguise have come in for the land of the rising sun. Here are the figures for all games that launched this past week in Japan:

  • .hack//GU Vol3 (PS2, Bandai Namco) – 70,000
  • Shining Force EXA (PS2, Sega) – 64,000
  • Wario: Master of Disguise (NDS, Nintendo) – 60,000
  • ExciteTruck (Wii, Nintendo) – 32,000
  • Dragon Shadow Spell (PS2, Nippon Ichi) – 30,000
  • Etrian Odyssey (NDS, Atlus) – 23,000 (around 90% sell-through of initial stock)

Both Wario and Excite Truck did really well for their first-day sales. It’s also good to see Etrian Odyssey doing so well with 90% sell-through of their initial stock.

Source: Cubed3