Camera Woes – Super Mario Sunshine

The 3D Mario games are famous for their perfect cameras. Mario Galaxy’s levels are unbelievably complicated, and yet the camera never struggles. So why is the Bagatelle minigame camera in Super Mario Sunshine so game-breakingly awful?

The Horrific Bowser Skeleton – New Super Mario Bros

Unless Nintendo give Mario an Uzi and a cigarette, his games are always going to be suitable for everyone. At least, that’s what we thought until we tried out New Super Mario Bros.

It seems like a smoking tail wasn’t good enough for Bowser this time: when Mario dunks him in the lava, Bowser’s flesh is burned right off the bone.

His eyes melt into nothingness, and his futile attempts at clawing his way back to safety are for naught as his brain liquefies and drains out of his eye sockets. Nasty stuff indeed.

The DK RAP – Donkey Kong 64

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