For those of you who do not no, I did not know until now, “The Timothy Plan” is a Christian group who rates games and gives  a score and a little review for parents. They review three big, but violent, Wii games; Man Hunt 2, No More Heroes and Bully. The wording of the games to me give it a bias feel. Also their little “rating spiel” does not say anything that parents could get by looking at the back of the game boxes. Looking at the back of my “No More Heroes” box: Mature for Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Intense Violence, Intense Themes, Sexual Themes, Strong Language.  All of these are covered in The Timothy Plan review.  That’s enough said by me, check out the reviews below and tell me what you think.

No More Heroes

SEX: Sexual Themes: The main character rubs oil on a woman who is wearing a small bikini and asks another girl to “do it” with him at
the same time. There are also multiple blatant sexual innuendos.
VIOLENCE: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence: The over-the-top violence in this game includes the ability to use the Wii remote to quite
literally dismember enemies by slicing them in half or beheading or disemboweling them, and so on. Blood is everywhere as red becomes
the prominent color in this game.
LANGUAGE: Strong Language: A variety of choice four letter words are used with regularity.

Manhunt 2

SEX: Strong Sexual Content: There is quite a bit of descriptive sexual content heard in the dialogue. Players enter strip clubs to see seminude
dancers in leather and chains.
NUDITY: Partially Clothed: Players will see nearly nude women in strip clubs, including exposed buttocks and breasts.


GAY & LESBIAN: Homosexual Encounters: Gay achievements such as “over the rainbow” can be reached on the XBOX 360 when you
kiss 20 boys.
VIOLENCE: Animated Blood, Violence: At its heart this game is a simulation about bullying behavior in a school setting. There is plenty
of physical violence, including fist-fighting, kicking, humiliating taunts and insults. Weapons include a slingshot, firecracker launcher, baseball
bat, garbage can lid, and fire extinguisher.
LANGUAGE: Mild Language: Some occasional swearing and plenty of taunting by calling someone a “loser” or calling a guy a “girl”
(implying he might be gay).
COMIC MISCHIEF: Crude Humor: The game contains some sexual remarks, sexual pranks (stealing girls’ underwear and sneaking into
a bathroom to try to get a photo of a girl in the shower (all you see is steam).
ALCOHOL: Use: Alcohol is used in the game.
TOBACCO: Use: Tobacco is used in the game
VIOLENCE: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence: One of the most graphically violent and gory titles in video game history. Not only can
you kill people with knives, maces, sledgehammers and your bare hands, in the Wii version you are mimicking the actions using the motion-
sensing controllers in front of the TV. Execution moves are also possible by following on-screen prompts at the right time and players
will be “rewarded” with dramatic kills that, while blurry (as if you are in a psychotic episode), are brutal such as slashing a body while
hearing tearing sounds and screaming, pushing a person’s head in a toilet when murdered and pushing their faces into fuse boxes to electrocute
LANGUAGE: Strong Language: The game’s first two words are “Holy F**k.” There are many instances of profanities throughout the game.
DRUGS: Addiction: Early in the game in an attempt to have the hero “clear his head.” A quest to find these drugs in an abandoned home
is followed by a scene where Daniel jabs a syringe into his arm before temporarily regaining his memories. Players inject themselves with
needles. Alcohol can also be seen in the game.