There have been a lot of rumors going around lately about the 3DS release date. Is it coming out March 2011? November 22, 2010? Or some other crazy date? Outlets such as Gamestop and even a product listing for a 3DS game from EA have people talking, but are any of their dates correct?

Of all the dates I’ve heard for the 3DS, I haven’t heard the one that makes the most sense….November 21, 2010 (the Sunday before Thanksgiving and Black Friday). While some places seem to be pulling dates from anywhere they can find a calendar, we decided to take a look at Nintendo’s past product timelines to see why November 21 is the date for the 3DS.

Number 1 Reason: Past Nintendo Hardware Release Dates

  1. Nintendo Gamecube
    • Released in North America: November 18, 2001 (Sunday before Thanksgiving in the US)
  2. Nintendo Wii
    • Released in NA: November 19, 2006 (Sunday before Thanksgiving in the US)
  3. Nintendo DS
    • Announced: E3 2004
    • Release Date announced: September 20, 2004
    • Release Date in NA: November 21, 2004 (Sunday before Thanksgiving in the US)
  4. Nintendo 3DS
    • Announced: E3 2010
    • Release Date (to be) announced: September 29, 2010
    • So logically speaking, the 3DS would launch in NA on November 21, 2010 (Sunday before Thanksgiving in the US)

Number 2 Reason: Right before Major Holiday/Shopping Season in the US

November 21 not only fits with past release dates of Nintendo consoles and handhelds, but it also makes business sense especially in the US.  Many major Holidays happen in the 2 months following November 21 in the US including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s.  It is historically the best sales period for the video game industry and most every other sales-driven field.

Other Reasons in no particular order:

  • Would put pressure on Sony’s next handheld and solidify the 3DS as the system to beat in the next-gen handheld war.
  • 70 titles already announced and in development for the system means many titles could appear in November for a strong launch lineup.
  • Would increase mindshare for Nintendo as “The 3D-games leader” much like the Wii has with motion controls

For these reasons and many more, we believe the Nintendo 3DS will be in your hands before you and your family sit down for Turkey in a couple months :)