The Wii U has slowly become the center of my household entertainment. With the ability to play video games, watch Netflix and YouTube videos, and even surf the Internet, the Wii U is a multifaceted entertainment device. Even with these many options, they are still a few more apps that would turn 99% of my entertainment focus onto the Wii U.

4: ESPN app

When Nintendo introduced Nintendo TVii, they made a conscious effort to promote its use while watching NFL Football games. The ability to quickly check scores and follow stats was a nice feature, but overshadowed by the just-as-easy use of a mobile device. Sadly, TVii doesn’t add anything to my TV watching experience. If Nintendo really wants to attract the sports crowd, the ESPN app would be the way to go.

For those of you who may not know, ESPN has an online channel called ESPN 3/360. After logging in with cable or satellite credentials, users have access to most ESPN shows and some sporting events that are not popular enough to broadcast on regular TV. Sadly, this applies to most Soccer matches for America. An ESPN app would be simple and help make the Wii U more marketable to different demographics.

3: On-Demand Service


I don’t have a lot of time to catch live TV. Most of my show watching is done through DVR or Comcast On-Demand.

Comcast On-Demand offers subscribers the ability to watch new shows, the day after the premiere, and a good amount of new and old movies (At a crazy high price). Comcast also has the Xfinity Go App that allows subscribers to stream On-Demand to their smart devices.

It wouldn’t take much to build a Wii U version of the On-Demand App that allows Comcast users to login with their credentials to use the service. This idea doesn’t have to stay with Comcast. Most satellite and cable providers offer their own On-Demand services.

2: Music Streaming

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.23.55 PM

I am not sure how many people are like me and don’t have any type of speakers in their homes. I’m probably just behind the times. Most of the time when I want music playing, I just turn on my Blu-ray player to use the Pandora app.

It doesn’t have to be Pandora; it could be Spotify or whatever else kids are using these days (I really can’t think of anything else – I am getting old). A music streaming app would give Wii U owners the ability to play music while cleaning the house or taking a video game break. It could also be possible to have the music app playing while using certain games. Just imagine listening to Rage Against the Machine or Beethoven while working out with Wii Fit U.

1: Comic Books/Graphic Novels


I only recently started reading comic books. Seeing that I am already 1,000 years behind, most of my reading is done via an app. I don’t have the room or the patience to worry about storing 100’s of physical copies of comics. Marvel and DC offer nice little apps that allows for purchasing and easy reading of almost all their comics. There are also other comic services, like comiXology and Comic Zeal, that can be transformed into a Wii U App.

A Comic Book App would work perfectly on the Wii U. One could read the comic book on the TV, while using the GamePad to swipe through pages or using the GamePad for some portable bed-time reading.

What other Apps would you like to see added to the Wii U?