This is an actual list sent in to gamesradar from Game Crazy and Gamestop out of Minnesota. I pulled some of my favorites out of it.

1. Moms who get upset that we won’t sell them Halo for the PS2 or Mario for XBOX.  We never have this problem with Dads, even non-gamer Dads…

4. Any 15-year old who complains that it’s BS that we won’t sell them an “M” game without checking ID. Yeah, ’cause the possibility of losing our jobs and the store getting fined is totally worth it so that you can go play Vampire Rain.

12. Our Microsoft Field Rep. who told us that the Zune was “the ipod killer.” Uh-huh.

17. Grandma who lets the kid con her into buying Manhunt 2 even though we tell her explicitly what it is and try to talk her out of it or call the parents.

18. Mom returning said Manhunt 2 the next morning and being upset with us about it.

22. People who don’t comprehend that someone other than them is looking for a Wii console and that might be why they’re still sold out everywhere.

36. Anyone who bought the crappy plastic 3rd party “Sports Pack” for the Wii.

41. “Friends” who pressure friends into buying games so that they don’t have to. Usually because they’re broke.

46. People who disregard the fact that LEGO Star Wars is amazing because they think “it’s a kid’s game.”

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