5th Cell yesterday sent out a press release to all media outlets, tell everyone of their big game anouncment coming this Friday, December 5th. The general manager Joseph M Tringali and creative director for 5TH Cell, Jeremiah Slaczka talk about their expetation for the game.

“We’re very excited about the upcoming unveiling of our latest title on IGN.com. We built upon the experience and evolving technology from our previous titles to deliver something to the player that is completely new. This title is innovative, engaging and completely unique. We look forward to sharing it with everyone on December 5th”.
– Creative Director for 5TH Cell, Jeremiah Slaczka.

“The success of our previous titles has awarded us the chance to work on a new, exciting intellectual property. After many months, we’re thrilled to show off our new title for the first time exclusively at IGN.com. We’re set on delivering an amazing final product and meeting the expectations of gamers everywhere.”
– General Manager Joseph M Tringali.

I was hoping the people that received the press release yesterday would also receive the first details of the new game, but I guess IGN is the lucky receiver of that. Oh-well maybe next time. : )