With tens of thousands of words there is bound to be a few words that don’t turn out right. 5th Cell has been taking some heat for this picture above. Yes it is Maxwell standing next to a Watermelon, but the user didn’t type in watermelon to get that object. The word in question is “sambo.” Sambo could be used as a raciest term (yes, I didn’t know that until now) but it can also be used to describe a “”fig leaf gourd. ”

“Sambo” is the local term for the gourd. As for the watermelon-like appearance? “We reuse art,” he said. “Fig leaf gourd looks a lot like a watermelon. It’s just an alternative name in a giant list of tens of thousands of names.”

-5th Cell

I don’t know, I’m  pretty sure that the guys at 5th Cell wouldn’t be this openly racist in their game, if they where. Also if you type in my name, James, you get a piece of meat. The games not perfect, it has its flaws.