“Yeah, we’re doing console. We’re getting into console. We’re not abandoning DS in the sense that we’ll never do it again, but for right now we’re moving into console. That’s where we always started [our] company. I started the company six years ago with our Technical Director, and Joe our General Manager, so we’re doing console next year and it will be original. We always do original stuff. You won’t see licensed stuff. I mean you might see licensed stuff in the sense like a Mario game that’s original or something like that. We’re not doing that, but I’m just saying I would. I would do that, but not like a movie license or something dumb. I like how Bioware did the Star Wars RPG, it wasn’t like ‘Oh we’re just making a Star Wars game. No, we’re taking the license and making something really awesome with it.’ That’s (Wii) one of the consoles. We’re actually working on multiple consoles. There’s multiple titles…Yes (multiple titles), and Wii is one of them.” – Jeremiah Slaczka of 5th Cell