The classic children’s tale comes to life on the Wii U, via this new edutainment title from Brave Rock Games.  Red Riding Hood is a visual novel, selling for the budget price of just $1.00.  At that low cost it’s worth it, though parents might still be interested in learning what exactly this program offers their family.

Red Riding Hood - feature image

Attractive photographic stills are a big draw with Red Riding Hood.  Pleasant music and narration accompany the scenery.  Control couldn’t be more basic, with just a touch of the GamePad’s screen needed to advance.  These are all positives, but they could’ve been even better.

My concern is the GamePad use, mainly that it’s the only means to enjoy this title.  You cannot view Red Riding Hood on a TV.  This lessens the impact of the scenery, and makes the audio muffled – you may need headphones.  This is an oversight, one that’ll no doubt be corrected if Brave Rock brings future visual novels to Wii U.

Red Riding Hood - GamePad only

This image will be displayed for those attempting TV use.

In terms of story, this version of Red Riding Hood is true to the original tale from the 1800’s.  I can’t fault the developers for staying faithful to the source material, but I feel one of the endings could potentially be shocking.  Speaking of endings, there are two based on a choice you make.  My advice for any future entries – more choices!  Imagine having a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ type tale?  Kid’s would love it, and it would probably strike a nostalgic chord with older gamers like myself.

I believe there is a market for both visual novels and family friendly titles, so I hope to see additional Wii U releases from Brave Rock Games in the future.  A more ambitious project, with less financial and time constraints could be a hit.  Red Riding Hood is very short (20 minutes top) but hopefully like classic books, kid’s will want to return to it.  At just a $1.00 you’ve little to lose.

Thanks to Brave Rock Games for providing this review code to Pure Nintendo.