Artist, Erika Iris Simmons, has created some incredible art using just a NES controller!  The art is part of a series that the artist has dubbed ‘Ghost in the Machine’.  The artist uses the cord to a NES controller to transform the gaming pad into a fantastic piece of art just by winding the cord around into several different iconic gaming characters.  The pieces are available for sale through her website but the price is only available per request.  I am sure that the pieces are not cheap but when is art ever cheap.  Either way the art that Erika Iris Simmons has created would be a great addition to any gamers collection.  You can see the Goomba, Mario, Link, and Pacman pieces from the ‘Ghost in the Machine’ series below.  You can also see the other pieces from Erika Iris Simmons’ ‘Ghost in the Machine’ series at