A.N.N.E., developed by Gamesbymo, met the $70,000 funding goal on Kickstarter and even raised more than $30,000 more than the $70K goal.  The extra funds did push Gamebymo’s A.N.N.E. past the first two stretch goals but it was not quite enough to fund a Wii U version of the game.

Fortunately for fans of the Wii U, A.N.N.E. will be releasing on the console despite missing the Kickstarter Wii U stretch goal.  In an update on the Gamebymo’s A.N.N.E. Kickstarter page the developer says the game will still release on the platforms mentioned in the stretch goals.

What if we don’t reach the console stretch goals?

The consoles listed in the stretch goals will happen regardless of if we meet the stretch goals or not. But it will take longer than if we do meet the stretch goals. This could be a good opportunity for the wishful to pledge $15 and up and then when the game comes out on console later, it will be a good reason to explore Planet Gomi a second time!