New York, NY, USA 6/20/2008 – After 3 months, and what seemed to be an insurmountable score, a new Guitar Hero High Score has been set by Danny Johnson of Grapevine, Texas, USA.
Danny achieved the score at The Guitar Hero Challenge in Dallas, Texas on May 17, 2008. He scored 890,971 points on the song “Through the Fire and Flames”, besting the previous record holder Chris Chike’s score of 880,920 points on the same song. He achieved this score without utilizing Hyperspeed mode.
Danny submitted his paperwork and proof of his attempt, and after careful verification, Guinness World Records has declared him the new Guinness World Records holder for The Highest Score For A Single Track On Guitar Hero.

Guinness World Records is aware of a video of former World Record Holder Chris Chike scoring 987,786 points on the “Through the Fire and Flames”, and are in contact with him to get this fully verified. Until further evidence is supplied, Guinness World Records recognizes the highest verified score on Guitar Hero at this time is 890,971 points by Danny Johnson.

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