Thrillville: Off the Rails (Wii, DS) – October 18th

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (Wii, DS) – November 1st

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii, DS) – November 7th

Call of Duty DS – November 8th

Bee Movie (DS, Wii) – November 29th

Shrek: Ogres and Donkeys DS – November 22nd

Guitar Hero III Wii – November 22nd

World Series of Poker 2008 – Battle for the Bracelets – Spring 08

Hot Wheels: Beat That! Wii – December 6th

Hot Whhels: Beat That! DS – Spring 08

Barbie Island Princess Wii – December 6th

Barbie Island Princess DS – Spring 08

Pimp my Ride – Spring 08

Star Wars: Force Unleashed Wii, DS – Spring 08