Power Count (Number of times you turned on Smash Bros. Brawl.)
Power Time (Total time the game has been turned on.)
Play Time (Amount of time spent in matches.)
Adventure Play Time (Amount of time spent playing The Subspace Emissary.)
Combined Adventure Play Time (Adventure play time times number of players.)
Solo Play Time (Total play time in Solo mode.)
Combined Solo Play Time (Solo mode play time times the number of players.)
Vs. Play Time (Total play time in Group mode.)
Combined Vs. Play Time (Group mode play time times the number of players)
Vs. Play Match Total (Total vs. matches, including Nintendo WFC matches.
Offline Vs. Matches Played (Total number of offline vs. matches.)
Offline Matches Played (Total number of online vs. matches With Friends or Anyone.)
Online Play Time With Friends (Total play time for all online matches With Friends.)
Play Time With Anyone (Total play time for all online matches With Anyone.)

Matches Spectated (Total number of times you watched other matches.)
Time Match Total (Total number of Time matches.)
Stock Match Total (Total number of Stock matches.)
Coin Match Total (Total number of Coin matches.)
Vs. Play Contestants (Total number of brawls from all players.)
Match Reset Counter (Total number of times you’ve ended a match early.)
Total Damage (Total damage received by all characters.)
KO Total (Total number of opponents KO’d.)
Self-Destruct Total (Total number of self destructs.)
Available Characters (Number of characters available.)
Available Stages (Number of stages available (excludes custom stages).
Trophy Total (Number of trophies you have (excludes doubles).
Sticker Total (Number of stickers you have (excludes doubles).
Name Total
(Total number of names registered.)
Friend Total (Total number of people on Friend Roster.)
Favorite Character (Character played the longest.)
Second Favorite Character (Character played second longest.)
Loneliest Character (Least played character.)
Smash Champ (Character with the most wins.)
Smash Sap (Character with the most losses.)
Slug Meister (Character who has dealt out the most damage.)
Punching Bag (Character who has taken the most damage.)
KO Kingpin (Most KOs in brawls.)
No-Defense Nelly (Most Falls in brawls.)
Disaster Master (Most Self-Destruct in brawls.)