In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS players get in on the action in Liberty City in a whole new way. But the more things change in this town, the more they stay the same. Regardless how big of a player you think that you are, in Liberty City you have to be willing to roll with every opportunity that comes your way if you want to keep ahead of the police and the rival gangs. This is where’s exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars pre-order offer, featuring the bulletproof Infernus, comes in.

Infernus: The Ultimate Ride
Liberty City is a town fueled by greed, money and desire, and nothing embodies this more than the Infernus. The fastest sports car in the record-breaking Grand Theft Auto franchise, the Infernus is sleek, sexy and well, fast. It is the ultimate toy for any playboy, divorcee or would be triad kingpin on the prowl. And Chinatown Wars in-game Auto Merchant has made an extreme auto even more unique by bulletproofing this one of a kind Infernus, now impervious to any abuse the authorities — or rival gang members — can throw at you.

Picking up Your Wheels
To get behind the wheel of your very own Infernus, simply pre-order your copy of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. At release your order will ship with a unique one-time use code packaged with the game, and brief instructions regarding how to use your DS’ Wi-Fi capabilities, or your computer, to download your new ride from Rockstar Games’ ‘Rockstar Social Club.’ Acquiring the car in-game has been designed to blend in with other gameplay actions, so as soon Auto Merchant opens for business in Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, (at about 4% completion of the game) the Amazon exclusive Bulletproof Infernus becomes available for purchase by protagonist Huang Lee. The cost of this indestructible dream ride is $1,200, an affordable price tag for the high-rolling Huang. Once stashed in the garage of any of Huang’s safehouses your Infernus can be accessed at any point during the game, providing you with a status symbol that is the ultimate in comfort and security.

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