So E3 is over, and many seem to be very disappointing in Nintendo’s showing.  There were a few gems but nothing huge that many were hoping for.  I for one was hoping for a new Zelda game and Nintendo did state the Zelda team is working hard on it. But I still felt empty.  I wanted proof, a short teaser, picture, or title, anything to get me excited.  But nothing came.  Well E3 is over and all we know about the next Zelda game is there will be some changes from the regular Zelda formula.

Well, a reader Jack Subsinsky came across an interesting take on the Zelda series from The WiiCast website.  This info about a new Zelda game was a rumor and has been proven false. This info is in no part real, but what a fantastic idea.  After reading this I was even more excited about a new Zelda game.

Thanks Jack S for the heads up.

Sporting the moniker “Project Deluge” the game would take place in between Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker. Gannon rises again and the “hero” is nowhere to be found. Much has happened to Hyrule. The world has moved into a steampunk age with trains running through the massive game world. Deku muskets are the latest fashion accessory and in a small village a young man becomes obsessed with stories of old. This man has delusion of grandeur. He THINKS he’s the hero reincarnated and eventually emulates him in every way. However not being the real hero has it’s disadvantages such as no master sword or Light Arrows. Supposedly the first half of the game takes place in the steampunk world up until Gannon is confronted and Hyrule is flooded. The second half takes place in the Wind Waker world we know. Other big changes include full voice acting and a fully orchestrated soundtrack.

Again, this is in no way real. There were rumors about a “leaked interview” with Aonuma, but the interview has turned out to be bogus. Even though the interview is completely false, it is still a interesting read, Check it out here. But the ideas behind the game are fantastic.  But numerous diehard Zelda fans have pointed out flaws in this plot, such as the timeline.  If a game like this were ever created I would be more than satisfied with it.  I guess in the end I just really want a new Zelda for the Wii, and secretly wishing this Zelda game was real.