“We think the 360 has lost significant momentum to both the Wii and PS3, especially in Europe, and is in need of both a price cut and new features to bring in mainstream gamers beyond the Halo/Call of Duty/GTA crowd. Hopefully, Microsoft will have something else up its sleeve, such as a new motion-enabled controller (to better compete with the Wii). Nintendo has been surprisingly quiet lately, and has not announced any 1st-party Wii titles for the 2nd half. They have hinted that there will be something for the ‘core gamers’, and we have heard rumblings that there will be a big surprise game that may incorporate a new peripheral, much like last year’s introduction of Wii Fit, which came with the balance board.” – Signal Hill analyst Todd Greenwald

More predictions, more rumors…  I’ve heard so many rumors, I just can’t wait to actually hear from Nintendo next week!