According to yesterdays NPD number, Madden 09 took the top three spots on the Software sales chart. You would think that it would be 360 PS3 and Wii version of Madden at those spots? Well, the trust is that the Wii version took the ninth spot and the PS2 took the third. This leaves many to think that Nintendo is “Inhospitable” to third-party publishers.

Cowen Group analyst Doug Creutz says that the Wii version of Madden 09 sold 79 percent less units than the PS3 version, and 87 percent less units than the 360 version, despite a larger console install base and a better Metacritic rating.

“We continue to believe that the Wii is a relatively inhospitable platform for third-party publishers,” Creutz says.

I think one of the things that alienated Madden fans, in fact it is all EA sports fans, is the introduction of the All Play feature. It is supposed to bring in new players with its easy to use controls. In fact I believe it has hurt the franchise more then help it. It seemed to me that to much time was spent on this All play feature, that other parts of the game may of been put on the back burner.

Here is the list of the top ten selling games of last month, so you can see the numbers.

1. Madden NFL 09 – 360 – 1 million
2. Madden NFL 09 – PS3 – 643K
3. Madden NFL 09 – PS2 – 424.5K
4. Wii Fit – Wii – 394.9K
5. Mario Kart – Wii – 328.7K
6. Wii Play w/remote – Wii – 394.9K
7. Soul Calibur IV – 360 – 174K
8. Too Human – 360 – 168.2K
9. Madden NFL 09 – Wii – 115.8K
10. Guitar Hero: On Tour – DS – 111.2K