Michel Patcher has gone on the record earlier to say he thinks that Nintendo will release their next Zelda game next year, 2009. Pathcer never said which it would be, a Wii game or a DS game. Now another Analyst takes this prediction future and predicts that it will be the next installment of TwilighPrincess.

Remember Mr. Miyamoto has stated that they are hard at work on the next Zelda title, but it will not be at E3. That doesn’t mean that it will not be shown off next year. There still is Tokyo Game Show, GDC (but probably not there) and Nintendo fall conference; which has given us announcements like the Wii release date, Sonic in Brawl, and the DSi. I am going to go out and make my own prediction. I think the Wii version of Zelda will be shown off sometime next year, teaser trailer of full trailer, and we will see its release in 2010. I also think there is a better chance to see a new DS version of Zelda released next year. This is one of my predictions I hope will be wrong, but it will be fun to see what 2009 will bring us.