Anima Project Studio, developer of the WiiWare game Anima: Ark of Sinners, successfully received the funding from their Kickstarter for their most recent project, Anima: Gate of Memories.  The Anima Project Studio team surpassed their funding goal of $90,000 and ended up with a little over $110,000 by the time their Kickstarter ended today. received exclusive news from one of the studios founders, Carlos Garcia, that Anima: Gate of Memories would be coming to the Wii U eShop ‘in the near future’.

Anima: Gate of Memories is an action RPG set in the Anima Beyond Fantasy world featuring a deep compelling story and exciting gameplay.

Even though the Kickstarter for Anima: Gate of Memories has concluded, the website for the game says that you can still make pledges to support the game via Paypal.  Anima Project Studio has created revised stretch goals that can be seen in the infographic at the end of this post.  To support Anima Project Studio and their new game Anima: Gate of Memories, head on over to and make a pledge.

Anima Project Studio is a studio composed of a wide team of professionals focused on making Anima Gate of Memories the best game it can possibly be.

Everything you have seen so far was created by a small team working in the same office where we design all the Anima games. After being dedicated to this project for more than one year and having fully finished pre-production, we considered that it was time to finally start the creation of Gate of Memories. However, we are not alone; there is a lot of people waiting to work with us and become part of the studio once we hit the goal on Kickstarter.

Let me introduce you to a few team members of Anima Game Studio:

Carlos B. Garcia – Designer and Story writer. Carlos Blas Garcia is the creator of the Anima franchise and one of the talents behind Anima Project Studio. Enthusiast of RPGs and videogames since he was a child, he entered the professional game world when he was just a teenager, working with several eastern authors to develop the basis of what would become Anima Beyond Fantasy. In 2005 he published the first book of the Anima saga, and he decided to devote himself to game design, publishing in the following years many books worldwide, as well as many other games, like Shadow of Omega series, the wargame Anima Tactics, Feudal Havock and Guilty Gods.

Wen Yu Li – Lead Conceptual designer and Texture designer. Wen Yu Li is an internationally renowned artist, and the visual trademark of Anima Beyond Fantasy Saga. He has been in charge of the astonishing look of the world of Gaïa since its beginning, and his style has became a part of the soul of Gate of Memories. You can see more of Wen’s work here (

Miguel Hernández – Programmer. Miguel is a profesional programmer who has worked with us since the first day. Graduated with honors in IES Cheste, he started working in the videogame world since the days of the original Dota. His great knowledge of game engines and IA scripting has become a key feature in the development of Gate of Memories and its combat system.

 Salvador Espin – Storyboard and Animation designer. Salvador is an extraordinary artist known worldwide for his work at Marvel Comics since 2007 (The Avengers, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk and Fantastic Four between many others). He also has worked as a Cinematographer in many short films, like Goodbye Casanova Wong or Garbage.

 Sergio Almagro – 3D Artist, Animator and Texture designer. Sergio is a professional with an ample knowledge of all the facets of 3D art. Not only he has an extensive experience in animation and videogames, but his unique art sense has allowed him to bring to the 3D world the distinctive style of Wen Yu Li.

Anastasia Devana – Music composer. Anastasia has a wide experience, and she has worked composing and arranging music for TV shows like Supernatural or The Bad Girls Club. Anastasia is also the keyboard player and composer for a Los Angeles-based symphonic metal band, Ashentide.


Thank you Oscar C. for the news tip!