Yesterday a new 3DS firmware update was released that has activated the StreetPass Relay feature that Nintendo described earlier this year.  This StreetPass Relay feature allows 3DS owners to get additional StreetPasses at Nintendo Zone locations.  Today, during a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo also announced that they will begin distributing Animal Crossing: New Leaf items at Nintendo Zone locations beginning August 11th and will offer different items every two weeks until late September.  Animal Crossing: New Leaf owners can pick up the first item, a Pumpkin Pie, at Nintendo Zone locations on August 11th.

Starting Aug. 11, owners of Animal Crossing: New Leaf can visit any Nintendo Zone location to receive a Pumpkin Pie in-game item. Visit a Nintendo Zone, then go to the post office in the game and ask about a present. Different in-game items will be distributed every two weeks through late September.