During today’s Nintendo Direct Mobile presentation, it was finally revealed that the Animal Crossing app is to be officially named Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It will be releasing in late November 2017. In this spin-off title, players will assume the role of campground manager as they design and construct their very own grounds.

Much like a traditional Animal Crossing game, users will be able to collect bugs, fish, and fruit, as well as do favors for their local animals. In order to build up your campsite, building materials will need to be gathered by doing missions or trading goods.

While the game is free to play, there are micro-transactions in the form of Leaf Tickets. These items are earned through regular play, but more can be had for real world cash. Leaf Tickets may also be used to speed up the building of campground amenities, as well as earning you access to a rock quarry filled with high-valued gems, and items to efficiently gather resources.

With an RV at your disposal to decorate and a villager avatar that you can customize, you’ll be able to exchange Friend ID’s with other players to trade goods with them, as well as visit their customized campsite.

After all of this waiting, it seems Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is looking to deliver a fleshed out experience for fans of the series. With a new friendship level mechanic for villagers and seasonal events to look forward to, only time will tell how fans will receive it. Are you excited about the game? Tell us with a comment! Be sure to head to the Official Website as well to sign up to be notified when the game becomes available.