Today we are officially announcing the launch of The Gamification Encyclopedia at, created by our startup Gamify, Inc. in San Francisco.

Gamification is the concept that you can apply game mechanics in everyday applications and situations to boost engagement, fun and good behavior.  We created to collaboratively document this new movement, listening to feedback and input from some of the best game designers in the world to compile a list of the best patterns and practices in the world of gamification.  We want to explore how gamification can be applied to everything from the web to education, health, work and even life.

We see a future where boredom is deleted from our lives and the most important position at a company is a Gamify Expert, the next-generation of game designers, who are specialized in gamification design and can properly apply game design and game mechanics to make our existence more enjoyable.

We’re doing our part to make it a reality.  We silently launched less than 3 months ago and in that timeframe we have became the most visited resource for Gamification with 197 pages.

If you think this concept is as awesome as we do, you can do your part to help us gamify the world by spreading the word about our site. :)

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