Well, the fact the company has constantly been giving me the opportunity to work on the next Zelda, and the fact that many people are looking forward for me to provide them with the next Zelda is something really gratifying.

The fact I have to work on Zelda – there is no fixed notion about what Zelda has to be. Most basically, any changes are appropriate because Zelda means unprecedented experiences. In other words, as long as I can work on new Legend of Zelda games there’s hardly anything I can’t do to challenge myself.

Having said that, whenever I get asked, aren’t you tired about making Zelda again and again, I might say, ‘sometimes!’ But it doesn’t mean I’m willing to make something similar to Zelda at all. I really want to surprise people in a meaningful way, so if I’m going to work on anything new then I would like to make something so that people are going to say, ‘wow I could not imagine someone like Aonuma would make something like this’. – Eiji Aonuma

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