Trace Memory
i have been playing this game for a while now, and currently i am at the fifth chapter. in the time span of four hours i managed to figure out most of the story. first off the main character, named ashely is looking for her father in an island called, “blood edward island.” she has traveled all the way from seattle to visit her father, who sent a note and a nds to her via express mail. now im not gonna ruin the story, but this game is incredibly addicting. the story just draws you in, and the emotions are very real. when jessica goes missing, ashley gets worried. all ashley wants are answers to her questions. she want to know who her father is and where her mother is. along the way she has a ghostly encounter with a boy named, “d,” they both share the need for answers. gameplay wise its very practical to the story. you play like a detective trying to solve various puzzles. like trying to unlock a door, playing a music box, and etc. the puzzles work very well with the game, and it is very rewarding once the puzzle is solved. moreover, the touch and click style interface suits this type of game very well, because it allows the player to use the touch screen for both navigateing and puzzle solveing. i find this game to be very captivateing and imaginative, certainly one of the better games of the nds catalogue. as i was nearing the end of the game, i felt an unravelling unfold, and everything seemed to be clear. all the mysteries were solved. this game is really awsome, on my scale it deserves an 8/10. the replayability is not really appealing, also some of the puzzles were really hard to put together, luckily i had gamefaqs on my side. Lstly, one of my biggest vices with nintendo games is that: they should have added voices and cutscenes. I really hate reading so much, but dont really mind it because according to doctor kawiawa fr brain age it excersises the pareital lobe ;)