ABYSS: The final world has you playing underwater. Not only do you have to avoid shooting the red mines in the Abyss World, but you will have to keep picking up air bubbles to keep yourself from drowning at the same time. Drag yourself over the air bubbles to keep your air supply up during each level. If you find that there are too many enemy bullets on screen, just use the Lasso to get rid of them. Aim carefully, as hitting the mines will cause instant death. Try using the Homing Missiles until the amount of enemy fire becomes manageable with the Lasso. Slow pace and precision shooting will be necessary when mines are on screen. The Lasso doesn’t need to recharge, so use it as much as you can in each level. World Upgrade: Lasso: The Lasso will cause all the enemy fire inside it to disappear. To create it, just draw a complete circle on the touch screen. Be aware, the enemy fire will take a second to disappear completely. The Lasso can be created anywhere on-screen, even with your ship on the inside.