I have called a ton of different companies customer services: IBM, HP Verizon, Microsoft, Acer, Apple, Belkin, Adelpha, sorry got carried away. I have called Nintendo customer service on two different occasions, and it was just delightful. I am not just saying this because I am a Nintendo fan, I am saying this because I like to talk to friendly people who know what they are talking about. Check the story below.

I just wanted to write to you about my dealings with Nintendo Customer Service. I’ve had a Wii for 2 years now and had my first problem with it about a month ago. When playing a game, specifically Resident Evil 4, green digital artifacts would show on the screen. It was also happening with Guitar Hero World Tour. I wen to the Nintendo website, looked up my serial number, and was informed that it was out of warranty(which I expected) and I would have to pay $75 for it to be fixed. I decided to call the customer service number and see if anything else could be done. I spoke to a very friendly woman who was in California. She looked up my serial number and informed me that it was, in fact, “still under warranty” and promptly took down the problem and e-mailed me a printable Fedex shipping label. I sent off the Wii and anxiously awaited its return. the next week my Wii came back, and on the paper detailing the repairs, it stated that they were not able to duplicate the problem. “Oh great” I thought to myself, but upon further reading I discovered that they had replaced the motherboard because it was the “suspected cause” of the problem, and also sent me 2 brand new copies of Resident Evil 4 and Guitar Hero World Tour, all at no cost. For my 2 year old Wii, I would say this is above and beyond the call of duty and wanted others to know.