The Game Developers Conference for 2007 (which runs from March 5-March 9 in San Francisco) has some high profile speakers, and two more have been added to the list: Eiji Aonuma (of Zelda fame) and Koji Kondo (of every Nintendo game music EVER fame).  Here is part of the press release:

The first is “Reflections of Zelda”, given by the man who will presumably be behind Link the rest of his natural life, Eiji Aonuma. “Reflections” is billed as Aonuma explaining “the development team’s formidable task of progressing the epic franchise across multiple generations of Nintendo systems. This is a rare opportunity to learn behind-the-scenes development challenges and triumphs from Link’s latest installments.”

Additionally, in a rare appearance, Nintendo musical legend Koji Kondo will also be giving a lecture titled “Painting an Interactive Musical Landscape”. Kondo’s talk involves illustrating “how his method of composing interactive music is unique by dissecting various examples of sounds and music from the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda series. Although the art and science of videogame music has changed dramatically during the last 20 years, his work has remained consistent and allows Nintendo’s musical soundtracks to soar. Learn what inspires Kondo to create musical masterpieces as epic as the tales they accompany.”

Now I can’t wait for March!  So many good Wii games coming out AND the possibility of some new Nintendo announcements!  Awesome, can’t wait!

Source: N-Sider