You can purchase these googles for one easy payment of $2,000.

April 1, 2010 – ASTRO Gaming today announced the ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles, the video game industry’s first Professional Visual Enhancement System (PVES).  The ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles utilize ground-breaking, proprietary ASTRO:FLASH® lenses to deliver a true 4D high-definition (4DHD) experience. Simply stated, the ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles immerse you in the game like never before.
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The ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles PVES employs the same stereoscopic technology utilized by today’s top 3D animated feature films, adding an additional top-secret element developed by ASTRO Gaming to take the experience to the fourth dimension. The ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles use circularly polarized lenses which allows for this amazingly convincing 4DHD effect to be reproduced from any angle, regardless of the viewers relationship to the display, negating the influence of the Pulfrich effect. The ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles are also very comfortable and built to last, including all the cabling to work with any gaming system and a durable protective carry case.
ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles Features include:
* ASTRO:FLASH lenses – Custom lens technology with orange tint circular polarization offers superior gaming performance and UV protection too.
* Completely Hydrophobic – Avoid analogous intramolecular interactions with lenses and frames designed to repel water and other contaminants that can corrupt your vision in the heat of competition.
* Impact Protection – Just in case the 4DHD effect is too convincing, the G20 frames and lenses are designed to take a beating.
* Works on Any System – Fully supports all console and PC titles quickly and easily.
* Extremely Comfortable – With a soft, adjustable headstrap, foam-lined frame and perspiration ventilation system, the G20’s are designed to be worn for long gaming sessions.
* Ballistic Nylon Carry Case – Strap them to your belt or use the roller to taking your G20’s on the road.
* Cable-Ready – includes required cabling for PC or any console, also with their own soft carry case.
Experience your favorite games in 4DHD today with the ASTRO G20 Gaming Goggles Professional Visual Enhancement System!
* Lenses:         ASTRO:BLAST® circular polarized, hydrophobic, impact-resistant 4DHD lenses
* Optics:         Curved optics to negate visual distortion
* Frames:        A*Matter lightweight, synthetic frames provide even weight distribution
* Comfort:      Perspiration Ventilation system
* Fit:                Fully adjustable headband, designed to fit any face and head size
* Case:           Durable carry case with integrated roller included
* PC:               USB 5’ PC cable included
* Console:     USB 3’ console cable included