Nintendo is looking to redeem themselves from their past failure, the Virtual Boy, with new concept for their entry into the VR market.  The new VR hardware, dubbed Virtual U, will use the lightweight tech that will output HD visuals and utilize motion sensors as well.  Virtual U will work with Wii U software that is developed specifically for the hardware and players will be able to use the various controllers, like the GamePad, Pro Controller, Wii Remotes, and accessories, that they already own for the Wii U.

Virtual U2

A list of features that was provided exclusively to Nintendo Life outlines some more information about this new hardware.

  • Apps for all scenarios
  • Products to accompany the headset for customisation
  • Reality — a tagline will be “a new reality for U”.
  • Innovative ideas
  • Light to wear
  • Flexibility
  • Only gaming system formally approved by the World Dental Federation
  • Optimised Virtual Reality
  • Leader of the field
  • “Super Reality”, another key promotional phrase we can expect to see.

With the recent acquisition of the Oculus Rift by social media giant Facebook and recent announcement of Project Morpheus, Sony’s VR tech, it looks like Nintendo is aiming to try and get a piece of the pie as well.  We just hope it does better than their past attempt the Virtual Boy.

Virtual U3


Virtual U April Fools concept based on real hardware which can be viewed here.

Image Credit: Nintendo Life