– Team making game composed of TOS’ game designer, cg director, scenario writer, main battle programmer and other people from TOS.
– The game will have Tales-like optional Skits, opened by pressing 2 button
– Weapons used in battle get level ups
– Their abilities pop off in form of geometric pieces-think tetris. Trade pieces among party or put em tetris style into frames of future weapons.
– Magical abilities are based on each character’s ‘cage’ ,they can be leveled in special shops and fit with gems allowing casting of various elemental spells.
– Game has a brisk pacing-30 house long.
– Sidequests-guild, casino. Casino has minigames that’ll use ir/motion sensing capabilities of the Wii.
-Characters- NP only did the first four characters that were revealed a long time ago.
L’arc Bright Lagoon- mc, merc supports sick mom, and lecherous uncle.
Ryfia-mystery girl
Alphonse ‘Arth’ Zena Meridia- meridia prince, older bro is the king, L’arc’s friend
Adelle Nevanlina- childhood friend/neighbor of L’arc, magic teacher