I don’t have 4 other people in my household to play Nintendo Land with so unless I have other friends or family over I will be playing with less than 5 people pretty consistently.  So I have recently wondering how Nintendo has handled this conundrum in their multiplayer attractions for the upcoming launch title.  Below you can see video of Animal Crossing Sweet Day, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, and Mario Chase played with only two players.  In Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase it seems as if there are only additional AI controlled characters which assist one of the two players during the game.  In Animal Crossing Sweet Day not only does it look as if there is going to be some AI help but also the rules of the game are altered slightly and rather than collecting candy that adds to a team total, candy will have to be delivered to a flag to be counted!  There are also 3 other coop attractions in Nintendo Land, Metroid Blast, Pikmin Adventure, and Zelda Battle Quest, which will also most likely play a little differently if you have less than maximum amount of players.  A big thank you and shout out to Justin Vega on Facebook for the tip!