Assassins will often hide in the shadows in order to get the jump on their mark, and that’s cool. But why spend all that time waiting around in the dark when you become an undead assassin and create your own shadows? That’s what Nintendo gamers will get to do when Aragami: Shadow Edition is released for the Switch on February 21st.

Developed by Lince Work and published by Merge, Aragami: Shadow Edition centers around an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. In the game, players are able to manipulate the darkness to create new paths to reach your targets, materialize weapons, and—in what sounds like one of the coolest powers ever in a videogame—summon shadow beasts to dispose of foes.

Aragami is built around two contrasting playstyles, which players can freely change between without the game punishing them for doing so. Use your powers to play as a Ghost, remaining undetected and getting to your target without a whisper. Or play as a Demon, slaying everyone in your path, using your powers to wreak havoc on your foes.

Inspired by old-school stealth games like Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid—as well as more recent gems like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored—Aragami aims to be just as challenging. But you’ve got options to suit your style. With the ability to play as a merciless emissary of death or an undetectable ghost, you can determine how to beat each scenario and approach any situation.

In addition to the base game, The Shadow Edition for Switch will come with the Aragami Nightfall expansion and the available DLC currently available to PC, Xbox, and PS4 gamers. Even better, the two-player online co-op mode is cross-compatible with PC and Xbox players.

Along with the digital release on the Nintendo eShop and the physical version in stores, a collectible Signature Edition is available for pre-order at This version will feature:

  • A region free copy of Aragami: Shadow Edition
  • Two limited edition enamel pins
  • The original soundtrack CD
  • A numbered collector’s certificate
  • “The Art of Aragami” book
  • A sturdy “Sierra” box with foam insert
  • Alternative outer sleeve artwork
  • A collector’s art card

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