Fuzzy Wuzzy Games offered Pure Nintendo the opportunity to play their upcoming Wii U title Armillo.  We had the chance to play the first few levels of the game and experience what the game had to offer as well as the beginning of Armillo’s story.  Unfortunately the game was only available to play on the PC so we didn’t get a chance to play with the Wii U controls but based on what we played the controls on the Wii U should be fantastic!

Armillo’s home planet is being invaded and he needs to rescue his friends!  Armillo’s story begins when he returns from an intergalactic vacation only to find out that his home planet has been invaded by aliens.  The player’s goal is to guide Armillo and help him rescue his tiny blue friends.  In the first level players will also get a chance to meet Armillo’s brother and will run into his blue sibling throughout later levels.  While playing Armillo gamers will boost and spin their way through a wide variety of winding levels collecting orbs and saving his friends.  In the short demo we didn’t get to experience too much of Armillo’s story but it is sure to be a wild ride with twists occurring early on in the game.

Armillo is a ton of fun to play and with the ease of control on the PC we are really looking forward to taking Armillo for a spin, pun intended, on the Wii U.  Fuzzy Wuzzy Games did a fantastic job with every aspect of Armillo.  The graphics are great for a 3D game created by an indie studio.  There is a wide variety of levels, enemies, obstacles, and challenges which provides a good change of pace throughout the game.  There are a variety of power ups that Armillo will be able to use during the game, including a gun and a super power up which makes Armillo larger so players can smash enemies by rolling over them.  Completionists are sure to enjoy Armillo with the many orbs pick up which take some skill to find and collect.


Some of the more difficult challenges lie in the secret levels, which can be discovered while exploring the levels.  These secret levels provide some very different gameplay experiences compared to the regular 3D levels.  In on secret level it is a race against the clock to reach a red orb.  What makes the secret level different from the rest of the game is that it’s a 2D side scrolling platformer level rather than a 3D world.  This type of variety is found throughout much of Armillo and will provide players with new game experiences around every turn.

Overall Armillo played quite well on the PC.  The graphics, music, and sound effects were all pretty great for a new indie studio.  The story left us with quite a cliffhanger and we look forward to playing more to find out what happens on Armillo’s adventure on the various planets.  For a 3D action, adventure puzzle game by a small indie studio, Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has presented an impressive game.  Gamers will have to wait a bit longer for Armillo, since it has been delayed until May 12th from its original March 24th release date, but with the additional time for polish and debugging Armillo is sure to impress.