After 3.5 years of development, team Fuzzy is extremely excited to announce Armillo is finally ready for you to experience July 3, 2014!  With a special 3-week introductory price, you and your friends have all the more reason to snap up this lil’ Indie gem.

So prep your Wii U for a visit to the Nintendo eShop because this download-only title is primed to be this summer’s runaway hit!

This Fourth of July weekend you will be rolling (Armillo is an armadillo, after all …eh?), bouncing, jumping, smashing, platforming and generally having the time of your life travelling through Armillo’s universe.

Armillo will be available on the Wii U eShop in the Americas and Europe beginning July 3rd at the 3-week introductory price of US $6.00/€ 4.50 before going to full price, which will be US $8.00/€ 6.00.