The first major update for ARMS is here, bringing plenty of new content to Nintendo’s brawling game.

The free update, which hits the Switch today, brings a little of everything, from a new character and stage to a new versus mode to the game.

The new character is Max Brass, already known within the game as the reigning champ of the Grand Prix. Now Brass is a playable fighter, bringing his burly physique into the mix. His attributes make him a formidable opponent. For example, Brass can take punches without flinching when his ARMS are fully charged. They’ll also remain charged when his health falls below a certain point. Brass comes with three new ARMS: Nade, Roaster, and Kablammer. Plus he’ll bring a new outdoor stage with him, called the Sky Arena.

In addition to Brass, there’s also a new versus mode to tinker with. This interesting new mode gives players the chance to unlock the game’s final boss, Hedlok. You’ll have to fight and win a Hedlok mask, but doing so gives your character the ability to turn into Hedlok. It’ll then be up to the other fighters to take you down.

Nintendo is planning to support ARMS with a steady stream of free content. The game has already seen an update that included an Arena mode and a LAN Mode.

Have you updated your copy of ARMS yet? Let us know your thoughts on playing as Brass, and the new Hedlok versus mode, in the comments section below.