AUSTIN, TX – July 2, 2009 – Aspyr Media announced today that Treasure World has shipped to retailers across North America. The game, which encourages players to seek out Wi-Fi signals in order to unlock in-game treasures, is available on Nintendo DS™ for $29.99.

“With Treasure World, we’re offering players an entirely new level of interaction that crosses from the traditional game world into the real world,” said Ted Staloch, Executive Vice President, Aspyr Media. “With thousands of treasures to unlock and hundreds of player customization options, in addition to the real world treasure hunts, players are going to be able to spend months finding and doing everything the game has to offer.”

Treasure World is the world’s largest treasure hunt with hundreds of millions of treasure spots around the world.  Players use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to find Wi-Fi signals, DS and Wii™ systems and other wireless signals to collect treasures.  Each of these signals delivers one of thousands of new treasure collectibles. A vast amount of treasures await to be found, ranging from traditional scenery such as flowers, statues and tiki torches, to iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben, to holiday themed items like jack-o-lanterns and snow men. In addition, players can unlock new attire for their character and offer limitless possibilities for customization, including Panda, Feline, Ninja and Anime costumes. And along the way, players accumulate in-game currency to purchase additional treasures.

They can then use their treasures to decorate their in-game world and create musical compositions. Each treasure even has its own sound associated with it such as a guitar, piano or trumpet. So when the treasure is placed on the ground players can create their very own music tracks. Players can then upload their DS save data to the official website,, and show off their treasures, world creations, character disguises and musical creations to other players around the world. The website even has a built in real world treasure map that allows users to place pins in order to show where they found their treasures.

Sign up to become a member of Club Treasure World and you’ll be automatically entered to win your very own copy of the game and a Nintendo DSi™ system! Deadline to enter is July 31, 2009.

With over 2,600 unlockable treasures in the game, Treasure World offers players limitless potential for creation and exploration!

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