“Altair is an assassin who’s driven by duty, Ezio is a character driven by revenge. We wanted someone who was fresh. We wanted a character who was more earnest, more real, a character with more depth. You will go from his (Connor) birth, through the motivating factors that drive him to join the Assassins, through the American Revolution and finally to a resolution. Not only is he trying to help the Assassins defeat the Templars,” says Hutchinson, “but he’s trying to save his own people and give them a place in the new America. It’s an endeavour that’s doomed to failure, of course.” – Creative director Alex Hutchinson


For me the series lost its story depth about half-way through the second one. That is also the point I stopped playing. Now I may have to go back and finish the series before this game comes out…wow, that is a lot of gaming.