Calling all fans of classic, first-person role playing games! The Dark Spire™ for Nintendo DS™ is an RPG of exploration and character development in the purest sense. Parties will be assembled, stats will be rolled, items, weapons and armor shall be equipped, and monsters will be slain (and let’s face it, some player characters, too).

Some adventurers will choose to play using the “modern” interface, its bold, stylized textures and palettes delivering a fresh, up-to-date adventure. Others may opt for the “classic” mode, guaranteed to evoke overwhelming sensations of nostalgia as it perfectly recreates the style and simplicity of the fathers of the genre. Two different presentation modes, two different ways to experience The Dark Spire!

The powerful Archmage Tyrhung resides in a tower of mist and shadow. He holds in his possession a jewel of great worth and power. A group of adventurers assemble. Will they be able to conquer Tyrhung and his nefarious tower? The party sets out, its fate yet to be determined…

Continuing the tradition of Etrian Odyssey, Atlus’s The Dark Spire is the next great homage to the RPG classics of old. Look for it to hit Nintendo DS™ on March 10, 2009 with an MSRP of $29.99.

Will you face the peril, or will it be too perilous?

Atlus PR