Yesterday Justin posted that G4’s attack of the Show was supposed to unveil a “Big” announcement today at 7:20. Well that announcement has been delayed.

Um…. sorry. We know we’ve been hyping a big surprise all week and there’s been a ton of speculation as to what it could be. Some thought we’d start broadcasting in 720p, while others believed it had something to do with the launch of Halo 3. Good guesses, but neither of them is correct and though we can’t tell you what the answer is, we can assure you that the announcement will be huge!

Ultimately, the delay is the result of a legal thing that we honestly thought would be worked out by now. You know how it is, the lawyers in the fancy suits with the big briefcases have to cross every “T” and dot every “I” before anybody can do anything.

Don’t worry everything’s still happening, just not today. Be patient. The surprise will be worth the wait and we’re sure it will make a lot of you very happy. Again, we’re sorry.

I really wonder what the news is? Well it looks like we will have to wait a little longer.