Nintendo of America sent Twitter into a storm yesterday when it announced that August was the month of Princess Peach, asking fans to tweet their opinion of the “Mushroom Kingdom’s glorious ruler”.

Speculation went into overdrive, as fans questioned whether it meant the announcement of a new Peach-themed game, or simply why it wasn’t Daisy or Rosalina’s month.

After all that, it turns out to be National Peach month in the US – as in, the stone fruit – and Nintendo were using some clever marketing to promote one of their main characters.

So check out the tweet below, eat a peach, and maybe play a game that features the Princess, whether it’s one of Mario’s sporting titles of her famed solo outing, Super Princess Peach for the DS.

In the meantime let us know if you have any particular thoughts on Peach – the princess, not the fruit.