Fellow Australians, prepare to be amazed! The limited edition Luigi’s Mansion 2 diorama is now available from your local Club Nintendo catalogue. This stunning item is individually numbered and will set you back a hefty 5000 star points – great news for anyone who’s been saving up (not me).

You can see Luigi in all his ghost-sucking glory in the image above, and here’s the catalogue’s description:

Celebrate the Year of Luigi and spook up your shelf with this limited edition, individually numbered Luigi’s Mansion 2 diorama. As Mario’s scaredy-cat brother enters the mansion with his trusty Poltergust 5000, he’s greeted by the ever-pleasant Polterpup and mischievous g-g-g-ghosts in this 12.5cm x10.5cm x 7cm model!

Unfortunately there is no indication as to just how many of these items are available. Hot new items like this have a tendency to sell out quickly, however the high (star) price tag may make it slightly more difficult for those of us with nothing saved up.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Club Nintendo site to check it out and let us know in the comments below if you’re one of the lucky ones to secure a diorama.