If you want to trick me into playing your game, put tasty food in it. You know, like Battle Chef Brigade.

The Adult Swim game made mouths water the second it was revealed. Cooking was not only an aspect of this action puzzler, it was at the forefront. You hunt, you harvest and you spin monstrous ingredients into gourmet delights using an innovative puzzle mechanic. What’s not to like?

The game begins in a world forged by chefs and the monsters that fuel their recipes. Mina Han is a dual-knife-wielding dreamer, looking to make her mark in a massive cooking competition that makes Iron Chef look like a church potluck.

If you follow the glorious (and sometimes seedy) chef world, many tropes will echo in Battle Chef. The snobby pastry chef, the plucky wunderkind, the saucy gentle giant and even the inescapable gruff kitchen veteran is there. Food, while crafted from dragons, slimes and other mythical creatures, looks tastier than any video game food has ever looked.

Heck, it looks better than food across all fiction. Eat your heart out Food Wars. Drooling over the gourmet offerings is half the fun, especially if you’re the kind of gamer who binges Chef’s Table or The Great British Bake-Off when there isn’t a Joy-Con in your hand.

Even if you’re not familiar with food stuffs normally only found in Anthony Bourdain’s daydreams, the puzzle action in Battle Chef is certainly unlike anything you’ve seen in similar titles. The puzzle aspect is simple, especially if you’re not used to the genre. But, like frying up an omelet, simple doesn’t always mean easy. Once you think you’ve figured out hunting, cooking, and frying up a fancy feast within the time limit, Battle Chef adds a curveball. It keeps the difficulty fresh up to the very end.

And despite the sometimes sudden curves in difficulty, Battle Chef Brigade never punishes you for your poor kitchen performance. It’s forgiving to say the least, letting you attack difficult battles from different angles the second you fail. I just wish making a proper soufflé was this easy.

If you own more than three fancy knives, a sous vide stick or ever find yourself Googling “food porn,” Battle Chef Brigade is built for you. This action puzzler is as charming as it is entertaining, not to mention packed with drool-inducing gourmet treats. I say this with zero irony: Battle Chef Brigade lookin’ like a snack.