Battleminer is an open-world block game exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. In a world where giant, mutant Ants have taken over, your mission is to rescue Survivors that are hostage to the Ants.

A rescued Survivor will reward you with items or teach you the ability to craft new items yourself.

While exploring the world you can mine for resources such as wood, copper, zinc and other materials to craft items such as weapons and ammunition to help you survive.

As you progress you will encounter many different types of Ants, each with their own behaviours. Each new type of Ant will present new challenges for the player.

There is also a peaceful Creative Mode where you can build your own structures and share screenshots of them via the MiiVerse.

The game features the first procedural voxel world with an infinite map size on the Nintendo 3DS and runs at 60 frames per second.

Battleminer supports Stereoscopic 3D and has a dynamic night and day cycle.

The game is planned for release in late October in North America, Canada and Brazil. A European/Australian release is planned a month or two after that.

The price will be $9.99 / £5.99 / €7.49.