UNTIES and noname studio have announced that the four-player balloon popping mayhem of BATTLLOON is heading to the Nintendo Switch this month.

The simple rules involve you controlling a colorful balloon, fighting other players by hitting them into the spiky sides. Winning involves surviving the longest or knocking all competitors out within the time limit.

BATTLLOON looks like a game that’s easy to pick up and play, with simple controls involving the control stick and a single button.

There are six bouncy balloon types available. Each one is a supreme warrior with distinct play styles, including these three that we know about so far:

  • Puffer can grow big and become unmovable
  • Birdie Jay is the master of maneuverability but light and easy to bonk into spikes
  • Astro Cat wows onlookers with its fabulous rainbow trail.

You can play with two to four people. Avoiding getting popped seems harder than it looks, but the good news is that deflation is not the end. Punctured pals will be revived as ghosts who can still compete for victory points, a little like Bomberman’s peripheral bombers.

The game sports retro-style pixel arenas and upbeat chiptunes, setting the stage for colorful battlegrounds. Each environment carries its own dangers like balloon-eating fish or spiky volcanic rocks that can pop anyone caught off guard.

BATTLLOON will pop on the Nintendo Switch on February 28. Check out the official trailer below to see the popping action.