I’ve been gaming long enough to recall SimAnt, in which players were tasked with helping an ant colony grow and thrive to the point where it could infest a house. Bee Simulator doesn’t sound quite as invasive, but it does just as fun.

At gamescom this week, BIGBEN and Varsav Game Studios unveiled this new gameplay video for Bee Simulator, and it certainly looks to be one of the more unique entries that should find its way onto your Nintendo Switch wishlist. As the trailer illustrates, Bee Simulator will provide collaborative and competitive multiplayer options for up to four players.

And just what is Bee Simulator? Wel…

See the world through the eyes of a bee in Bee Simulator! In a world inspired by iconic Central Park in New York, you play as a pollinator bee who has set up home with the rest of your colony in one of the park’s trees. Your life is turned upside down one day when humans decide to cut down your tree. The fate of your hive is thrust into your tiny hands.
With its multiple game modes and realistic open environment, Bee Simulator is the perfect family game. And as the studio worked with beekeepers during development, you can learn while having fun thanks to the suggestions and information shared throughout the game. From their means of communication and collecting pollen, to defending the hive from other insects and disease, the secret life of bees will no longer be a mystery.

I’m hoping there’s a mode where you get to swarm in-line skaters at a falafel stand, but I doubt we’ll get that.

Bee Simulator will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 14th. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page. Also, I’m now going to request a promotion for getting through this whole article without making a single bee/buzz pun.