"Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho!"

The “golden age of pirates” was more about disease, amputation, and body odor than the fun of sailing around and digging up gold. But hey, when was historical accuracy an important aspect of gaming? Never! So, let’s enjoy some pirate adventures via King of Seas, a new action RPG coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Developed by 3DClouds, King of Seas aims to immerse gamers in “… a time of pirates, ferocious sea battles, hidden treasure and lost islands, all set in a stunning procedurally generated game world.” You’ll take on the role of a young pirate setting out avenge the death of your father, and you may just battle your way to the title of “King of All Pirates” along the way.

King of Seas’ dynamic game world will react to your every action forcing you to evaluate your strategy at every turn and adapt to the new challenges facing you. Naval routes might change meaning you will need to look for new ways to conquer settlements or adverse weather conditions might require new, more dangerous routes to be navigated when heading to islands to trade goods or upgrade your ships. Engage with an intriguing cast of characters who may steer you towards hidden treasures or lead you into deadly traps as other pirates look to plunder your gold. One thing is for certain, there are adventures to be had and battles to fight as you shape your empire on the high seas. 

The teaser posted above offers a good look at the game’s appearance and location, but we’ll need to wait a bit longer for actual gameplay. Still, having thoroughly enjoyed numerous pirate-themed games in the past—Sid Meier’s Pirates!, the Monkey Island series, and Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren immediately come to mind—I’ll certainly keep my eyes on the horizon as Kings of Seas approaches.

For more on King of Seas, visit www.kingofseas.net.